How Apple’s VR Headset Will Revolutionise Sports and Entertainment as we Know it

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Apple recently unveiled its Vision Pro virtual reality (VR) headset, designed to blend our physical and digital realms. In the words of Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, the Apple VR headset introduces us to “spaci

Cook likened it to the way iPhone introduced the world to mobile computing. He further explained that the VR headset is the first Apple product you look THROUGH and not at.

Although the Vision Pro headset is originally designed as an augmented reality device, users can change from the AR to full virtual reality using a dial.

The Apple VR headset is positioned to give the metaverse, gaming, and sporting world a complete revamp. Sebastien Borget, the co-founder of Sandbox, said that we are getting close to the era of riveting gaming and extended-reality experiences. With the Apple VR headset launch, the era is really upon us.

Gaming remimagined

Before now, many people did not believe that we would ever have a feel of the metaverse in our real world. Today, we are witnessing a world where the virtual domain can blend with our day-to-day lives by leveraging the possibilities of AR.

The newly-launched Apple VR headset introduces an interactive feature that combines the elements of the real world and virtual environment.

According to Sebastien Borget, also the president of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (yes he’s a very very busy man), Apple’s VR headset will promote the creation of new captivating experiences that make us more in tune with the metaverse. He further reiterated that the development will provide more opportunities for creators.

The advent of AR has made it possible for users to flex, leverage, and use virtual assets in real life. As a gamer in the metaverse, you can now seamlessly interact with other gamers in our world, which happens in real-time.

AR creates a new approach to gaming engagement by superimposing virtual items in real life. For example, a gaming brand can demand you visit their store to complete a task through an AR avatar. Through this process, you can also buy items from the store and earn additional experience points for in-game benefits.

The metaverse world is a relatively new frontier, and the entrance of a globally renowned company like Apple is catalytic. They’ve redefined industry sectors before and I doubt this will be any different.. Such developments like Apple’s VR Headset significantly improve the popularity of the metaverse.

What Apple’s VR Headset Means for the Future of Sports

The Apple Vision Pro has the potential to revolutionize sports businesses worldwide. What are the ways this could happen? We will look into two aspects of the sports business and the potential impact of Apple’s VR innovation.

A new era in Sports

Over the years, there has been a constant quest to provide international sports fans with the thrilling feeling of being live in any event, irrespective of their geographical location.

Imagine you are in the UK and can feel as if you are seated in the front row watching your favorite sports game (footy of course..) live in Australia. With the advent of the Apple VR headset, we are getting very close to such a possibility that actually FEELS like it.

In 2020, Apple bought NextVR, an immersive VR sports experience provider. It will be interesting to see how NextVR will leverage the advent of the Vision Pro headset to promote live VR sports.

Today, we have multiple AR Sports providers like Meleap,, etc., doing quite well in the market. The Apple Vision Pro can unlock the full potential of these AR sports providers. Some analysts are already discussing a possible partnership between Apple and some leading AR sports providers.

The Future of User-Generated Content

The advent of mobile cameras ushered in a new phase of user-generated content. We can only begin to imagine a future where generative AI blends with VR. Today, people can utilize text-to-3D apps to create 3D game worlds from text, all within a few seconds.

The question that begs our answer is whether users can deploy AI to create AR and VR content. This possibility will completely disrupt the sporting industry and shake up the way sports fans interact and create sports content. It is a future of immense possibilities for the sports industry.

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The Apple VR headset is a revolutionary technology with the potential to completely reposition the trajectory of the metaverse, gaming, and sports industries. As the technology innovates and develops, we anticipate more captivating gaming and sporting experiences.

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